Don’t be an Ignorant Carnist; be an Informed Carnist!

I was just unfriended by a vegan friend for being an “ignorant carnist” when I brought up hunting to them. I was curious whether they were the kind of vegan who hates factory farming and is okay with hunting for meat or not. Evidently, they are not.

As an ignorant carnist, I find factory farming hard to bear and hunted meat infinitely preferable (keep in mind that not all hunting is created equal, nor all animals).

In Australia, I ate wild game kangaroo as much as possible. It’s harder for me to eat hunted meat in my current position, but as soon as I can avail myself of such an opportunity I intend to.

So don’t be an ignorant carnist, listen to these podcasts:

Joe Rogan Experience #1112 – Cameron Hanes –

Gritty Bowmen EPISODE 275: Conservation Matters with Shane Mahoney-

Joe Rogan Experience #765 – Tovar Cerulli (vegan-turned-hunter):

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