A Reality So Radically Superior To All Things

“Last things, as such, are not last things, however great and significant they may be. He only speaks of last things who would speak of the end of all things, of their end understood plainly and fundamentally, of a reality so radically superior to all things, that the existence of all things would be utterly and entirely based upon it alone, and thus, in speaking of their end, he would in truth be speaking of nothing else than their beginning. And when he speaks of history-end and time-end, he is only speaking of the end of history and the end of time. But once more of its end, understood thus fundamentally, thus plainly, of a reality so radically superior to all happening and all temporality, that in speaking of the finiteness of history and the finiteness of time, he is also speaking of that upon which all time and all happening is based. The end of history must for him be synonymous with the pre-hisotry, the limit of time of which he speaks must be the limits of all and every time and thus necessarily the origin of time.”

– John Webster, God Without Measure Vol. 1, pg. 9

God is this superior reality, out of whose “infinite depth” “his temporal acts arise.”

We must start with the Absolute Reality of God in order to rightly understand his works.

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