“Violently In Love With Christ”

“The man who is pardoned, and who knows it, then becomes violently in love with Christ. He does not love him just a little, but he loves him with all his soul and all his might. He feels as if he could wish to die for Christ, and his heart pants to be able to live alone with his Redeemer, and serve him without interruption. Mark such a man who is a true Christian, mark his prayers, and you will see there is violence in all his supplications when he pleads for the souls of men. Mark his outward actions, and they are violently sincere, violently earnest. Mark him when he preaches: there is no dull droning out of a monotonous discourse, he speaks like a man who means what he says, and who must speak it, or else woe would be unto him if he preached not the gospel.”

– Holy Violence, Charles Spurgeon

Let us be as this man, who is pardoned and knows it. Such knowledge births in a man violent and holy living for the glory of God and the conversion of the unbelieving.

Let it be so with us, Lord. Grant us this holy violence, a strong fervor for your glory in our own hearts and in our world. Give us afresh the baptism of your Spirit to enliven us to the reality of the atonement and the assurance of the seal of faith upon us, that we may be bold witnesses of the death and resurrection of Christ, and that we may live holy and wholly for you.


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