4 thoughts on “Romans 8 is all my Calvinism.

    1. I’ll say. I had a sudden realisation of this some months ago, and the thought came to my head today due to reflection on a rubbish season I’m going through presently. And it’s true, God is sovereign and working all things out, in the historical biblical meta-narrative, and in my life right now and all around the world in million ways that I could never fathom, for his glory and my good. And that’s just thrilling.

  1. I was asked which passages of the Bible led me to Reformed theology. I answered, the whole Bible. From Genesis to Revelation display by God created, God so was good, God finished, God rested, God promised, God fulfilled, God saves, God keeps, God God God from start to finish.

    1. Amen. It’s the whole meta-narrative that declares the glory of God in the sovereign redemption of his people which clearly teaches Calvinism as the gospel, as Spurgeon said.

      Thanks for following, I am enjoying your blog. Your post about Muslim understanding of the Trinity is very informing.

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